Make Easy Cash From The MealSOS Referral Program

We pay you $100 for each referral.  It’s easy money.

How it works

Restaurant owners are looking for the ability for online ordering without having to pay huge commissions.  MealSOS charges NO COMMISSIONS to restaurant owners.  That means the restaurant can sell food online for less, and you the consumer can pay less for your food.  Everybody wins.

You get paid $100 for each referral

If you want to make easy cash, simply provide leads of people in the food industry who you know would want to hear about MealSOS.  We do the rest.  If your contact signs up – boom, you get $100 cash.

Restaurant Owners Want This Information

By submitting referrals, you’re providing restaurant owners a huge opportunity to save on expenses and make more money.  Opportunity is a gift.  The restaurant owner will ultimately choose whether this opportunity fits their vision.

How to submit referrals

Use the referral page.  You get can to the referral page from any page on this website at the bottom right.  Use the Submit Referrals link.  You can also press the button below.


To be fair to everyone, referrals are first-come, first-serve.  We track the dates and times the referral was received.  So if a referral signs up, the first submission gets paid.  You will receive confirmation after each submission if you are the first to submit that referral.


Payment of $100 cash.

Payments will be made via Interac email money transfer.  In order to get paid, the referral must sign up for the MealSOS program.


How to maximize your success

If you know someone who’d be interested in MealSOS – call them yourself first.  Let them know about MealSOS and ask them if they’d be interested.   If they are this is what happens:

1.       You know you were the first to refer them.

2.       You know there is a high probability they’ll sign up.

3.       Submit their information here.

4.       If they sign up, you make $100 for literally a 15-minute conversation.  That’s $400 per hour!



If I refer my spouse am I eligible for the $100?

Yes, of course.


If I refer my parents or a friend am I eligible for the $100?

Yes indeed!


If I am a restaurant owner and refer myself, can I get the $100?

Yes.  As a restaurant owner referring yourself, simply mention this referral program and we’ll credit you with $100 towards your setup fee.  You will not find a better price for this high-quality service anywhere!


Do you have other questions?

Simply ask your question here.


Get started and get paid

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