MealSOS Pricing

MealSOS takes zero commissions so your bottom line looks like this:

Food App Pricing

Food ordering apps take a bite on every order so your bottom line looks like this:

Stop The Gouge

Food delivery app companies charge in excess of 30% off the top.  It’s very difficult for restaurants to see the value.

Imagine having $10000 in sales, and $3000 of that going to food ordering app companies on a recurring basis!  The commission payout is outrageous!

Use MealSOS and never pay commissions again.

Choose the plan below that best fits your needs.

What Is The Cost To Implement MealSOS?

After setup, the cost to use MealSOS is a flat rate of $55 / month – no more commissions!

Think about it….

Meal ordering apps charge over 30% for each transaction!  If you choose the top-of-the-line Plus System, sell $1997 worth of food and mealSOS has paid for itself! 

You keep the rest – forever!

Will the setup fees be the same after COVID-19?

Our setup fees are especially low at this time because we want to help restaurants survive, and prevent virus transmission by encouraging food delivery to the home.

After the pandemic, it will be business as usual, and our setup fees will return to normal (more than double).

The $55 monthly fee will remain the same, so if you buy now, you save – big time!



Try before you buy.

Yes.  There are two fully functional example websites for you to try.  One has product images and the other doesn’t.  The basic system (no product images) was designed for restaurants that don’t have pictures of their food and need to get up and running quickly.  If you have product images, you’d want to buy the Plus version because images increase sales.

Have a look at both versions.  Try them out!  If you choose to, you can order using a test credit card to see how the order system works from a customer point of view.  You’ll see the test credit card numbers at the checkout screen.

Plus System

Click The Image Below To See The Ordering System With Food Images

Basic System

Click The Image Below To See The Ordering System Without Food Images

Can I have the website reflect my corporate brand?

Yes, when you sign up with MealSOS, we’ll outfit your online ordering page with your logo / brand, and a hero image of your choice. 


Can I add more pages to my website?

Yes.    If you’d like, you can merge your current website and ordering system into a single site.

If you wish to expand your website and its capabilities, we can provide a quote to satisfy your vision.  



What if I want modifications to my website?

If you want more specific changes to your website, we can add pages, modify the branding and expand your website to match your corporate vision – all for a small, reasonable fee.



How long are these low rates guaranteed?

We’re working in two-week increments.  The time below will guarantee our special low fees for the duration of the countdown.

When the timer reaches zero, it’s back to regular pricing.

If the pandemic situation remains ongoing, we’ll reset the timer for another two weeks and that means two more weeks of special low-fee pricing.

Truly, we want the COVID-19 situation over as soon as possible.  So you want to act now so you don’t lose the discount.

COVID-19 Discount Pricing In Effect








How do I get started?

Order the service you wish to start with.

Once we receive your order, we’ll automatically send you a document asking for the information we need to get started.

Email it back to us.

Once we have it, we’ll contact you and start building your website.

Most online ordering systems are completed within 48 business hours of ordering (or less).



Buy Now!

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