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FAQs – How Does MealSOS benefit me?

1.  MealSOS leads more local customers to buy from your restaurant.

2.  MealSOS does not charge you fees when customers order online.

3.  Online orders SAVE YOU time, thus money.



How Does MealSOS Work?

We build your online ordering system and plug it into your bank account.

Customers find you online and order directly from your website.

Your driver delivers the food or customers pick the food up themselves.

Your money appears in your bank account within hours.

You pay ZERO commissions to MealSOS.

YOU keep your money.

How Do Customers Find My Restaurant Online?

By searching for your restaurant by name.

By using the MealSOS service.

By using Google maps.

Directly by a link on your customers phone.

How Do Customers Find My Restaurant Using Google Or MealSOS?

1.  Customers search for the type of food they want – Italian, Mexican, Chinese etc.

2.  Google provides the closest restaurants to the search.

3.  The customer chooses the restaurant they want to order from.

4.  When your restaurant is chosen, your customer orders directly from your website.

5.  Customers pay you in advance.  You may deliver the order or they pick up the food themselves.

6.  You get paid for the order within hours.

7.  You pay ZERO commission because the order takes place on your website.

How Do I Get More Customers?

1.  The #1 way customers find your restaurant is searching through Google.

2.  MealSOS uses Google to find restaurants nearby.

3.  Customers place the order on your website.  Customers do not need to install an app to find you.  They find you directly on Google.

4.  If you use our service, you may also choose to use the services of other food ordering apps.  But if you do, you’ll have to pay their commissions.



Do I Need To Use An App For Clients To Find Me?

No!  Our service is designed to be free from having to use apps.  Customers find you online through Google.

We build and configure your website for customers to find you online and order online.



Is this too good to be true?

No.  It is better than good  – it’s awesome!  –and completely true!  You can keep your restaurant and employees working during COVID-19.  Once COVID-19 is over, you can continue to use our services.



How Much Does Your Service Cost?

Find out on our Pricing page.

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