Sell More With Online Ordering – The Smart Way

A High Value / Low Cost System Designed For You!

Online ordering is now within reach of smaller restaurants because of MealSOS.  We provide a high value / low cost online ordering system within the financial reach of smaller restaurants. 

Smaller restaurants no longer have to lose out to the bigger brands who can afford online ordering.

No More Crushing Commissions…

MealSOS doesn’t charge commissions. 

No more worry about food ordering app companies chewing up your earnings just for using their service.

MealSOS provides a very low cost, high quality online ordering system that doesn’t require commission payouts.  You sell your food, you keep your money.

MealSOS Boosts Your Business On Google

Website traffic is a huge factor in website rankings.  The more traffic Google sees on your website, the higher you’ll rank in search engine results.

An online ordering website will help your traffic, while food ordering apps remain invisible to Google searches.

Use MealSOS to increase your orders and sell more food.

Touchless Ordering Prevents Illness

Online ordering means touchless sales.  Need to handle money or cards.  You can choose customer pickup outside your restaurant or deliver to your customers door. 

COVID-19 is creating a high demand for online ordering.  Restaurants who take advantage of this will benefit in the future, long after COVID-19

The Secret To Success Is Simplicity!

People need simplicity when they order online.  MealSOS makes ordering extremely easy for your customer.  

The ordering system is streamlined and easy to use on both desktop and mobile.

Simple For Restaurant Staff

MealSOS plugs into existing technologies so you don’t have to learn a new system.  

Simply place a tablet in your kitchen and boom, you’re good to go.  Watch as the orders come up and easily track them as the food goes out.

No More Busy Signals – Or Lost Customers

No busy phone signals from your customers.  No more mistaken orders.  No more handling cash or credit.  No customers going elsewhere because they are tired of waiting to order.

Everything is done and streamlined online.

Free Up Employees

Instead of having staff dedicated to taking orders, allow your customers to order online. 

Use the resources of your employees elsewhere where they’re needed most.

More Security Than Apps

Many people refuse to install apps to order food. 

Apps installed on your phone increase risk to your personal information, images and messages.  Apps also use device resources such as memory, battery and processing power – even when they’re not in use.   

As a result, the big food ordering app companies had to deploy web-based solutions.

MealSOS is not an app.  It’s a web-based ordering system that costs WAAYYY less than the big companies and does not require an app to work.

Search Engines Remain #1 For Finding Restaurants

Most searches for restaurants are done online using Google, not apps. 

Apps are like gated communities.  If you only use apps to market your business, you’re missing out on a much larger slice of the public who could order directly from your website. 

Use MealSOS to enable online ordering directly from your website.

Save Money On Flyers – Advertise More, For Less

MealSOS allows you to create many types of coupons, discounts, and validity periods. 

Instead of expensive flyers, which often get thrown out, you can advertise online using Facebook or Instagram.  You can target new customers or customers you know have visited your site and have purchased from you.  Online advertising is far more cost effective then physical coupon clipping campaigns. 

MealSOS is a complete online ordering and marketing solution for your restaurant.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

MealSOS prices are discounted during COVID-19.  Order now and get a high-quality ordering system at a very discounted price.  MealSOS comes in two flavours. 

1.       The Basic System is for restaurants that don’t have images of their food. 

2.       The Plus System is for restaurants that have images of their food and want to incorporate those images onto their inline menu.

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